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Fire Department

The Beausejour Brokenhead Fire Department is located in the Town of Beausejour, Manitoba, and provides protection for the communities of the Town of Beausejour, Garson, Tyndall and the RM of Brokenhead.

Currently there are twenty eight volunteer paid on-call members on the department. Members are trained as NFPA standard level 1 firefighters accredited through the Manitoba Emergency Services College, and has five accredited instructors on staff.

Link to: Fire Fighter Application Form


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Beausejour Brokenhead Fire Department

Keyed Lock Box Program

The Town of Beausejour & RM of Brokenhead has a volunteer keyed lock box program that is administered through the Beausejour Brokenhead Fire Department. All installation and maintenance costs associated with this are the responsibility of the property owner. Medeco lock boxes, exclusively, are used.


What does the Lock Box System do for you?

  • Provides immediate emergency entry in case of fire.
  • Prevents costly forced entry damage to doors or windows.
  • Undamaged doors can be re-secured after the emergency. 
  • Allows faster entry which reduces the potential damages caused by fire. 
  • Allows Beausejour Brokenhead Fire Department personnel to enter if a building occupant is unable to open the door. 
  • Reduces firefighter injuries.
  • Increases efficiency.

How does the Lock Box work?

When responding to an emergency and confronted with a locked entry door, department personnel will confirm with communications staff the location of the lock box near the main entry door. Placing keys in this tamper-resistant box in a visible location near the main entry door, minimizes delays in gaining access to the building and eliminates damage that may be caused by a forcible entry. The fire personnel will gain access to the keys from the box, after using them for the purpose intended, and the Officer in charge will ensure the keys are replaced and secure.


Note: When in place, key lock boxes will not be used to gain non-emergency access to a building unless the building owner, manager or agent is present. Property owners do not have access to the contents of the lock box after it is installed; only the Beausejour Brokenhead Fire Department personnel have keys to the lock box.


Lock Box Installation

To have a keyed lock box installed a building owner is required to fill out a “REQUEST FOR KEYED LOCK BOX INSTALLATION OR CHANGE OF KEYS”. This form is available, upon request, by emailing the fire department at The completed form can be taken to a locksmith of your choice who will install a Medeco Keyed Lock Box. The locksmith completes their portion of the form and submits it to for authorization. After the installation is complete, the building owner will contact the fire department at to set up a meeting to open the lock box so they can put in their keys.


To change the contents of an existing Medeco Keyed Lock Box?

The building owner must complete a “REQUEST FOR KEYED LOCK BOX INSTALLATION OR CHANGE OF KEYS” form. This form is available, upon request, by emailing the fire department at The completed form will be emailed back to the building owner who will request a meeting time and send the form to so a department representative can open the box so the keys can be changed.

Link to: Lock Box Submission Form