The Joint Local Emergency Response Control Group

The Town of Beausejour and the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead have come together to form The Joint Local Emergency Response Control Group (JLERCG).

Through courses and mock disaster exercises, the JLERCG is continually preparing itself to handle any emergency or disaster that could happen in Beausejour or its surrounding area.  Scenarios have been reviewed and resources have been inventoried over the last few years to keep the Emergency Plan up-to-date.


Meetings for the JLERCG are held quarterly.  Meetings are attended by the Municipal Emergency Coordinator (MEC), two members of the Town of Beausejour Council, two members of the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead Council and the Chief Administrative Officers of both municipalities.

The Town of Beausejour is represented by: 
Councillor Jan Leclerc
Councillor Glen Kaatz

The Rural Municipality of Brokenhead is represented by:
Councillor Luke Ingeberg
Councillor Jack Kowalkchuk
BBEM meetings are held bi-monthly on the odd numbered months. These meetings are open to the public and those individuals looking to volunteer are more than welcome to attend. For confirmation on meeting dates, times and venue, contact CAO Vesuvia (Vee) Scromeda at 204.268.7550.

Key People

The Beausejour-Brokenhead Emergency Measures  Organization Committee – (BBEMO) Coordinator is currently vacant.

Volunteers have taken on the roles as heads of the following positions within BBEM:
Municipal Emergency Measures Coordinator, Chairman - Vacant
Public Information Officer - Gerry Geall
Public Information Officer (Alternate) - Jim Beyette
Scribe/Secretary - Susan Greschuk
Scribe/Secretary (Alternate) - Vacant
Communications Manager - Philip H. Stairs
Communications Manager (Alternate) - Vacant
Transportation Manager - Robert Klapprat
Transportation Manager (Alternate) - Vacant
Emergency Social Services - Greg Pierce
Emergency Social Services (Alternate) - Lynn Slater
Security/Animal Control Coordinator - Sandy Luczac
Security/Animal Control Coordinator (Alternate) - Jack Kowalchuk
Volunteer Coordinator - Anne Wolkenstein
Volunteer Coordinator (Alternate) - Vacant
Emergency Services Liaison - Len Plescatz
Emergency Services Liason (Alternate) - Vacant
Resource Manager - Glenn Steinke
Resource Manager (Alternate) - Wayne Omichinski
IERHA Representative - Jay Ferens
IERHA Representative - Jason Mushaluk